chapter  7
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Organizational Change and Learning

Organizational defensive routines are anti-learning and over-protective. CHRIS ARGYRIS

Today's problems come from yesterday's 'solutions7. PETER SENGE

Imaginization - an invitation to develop new ways of thinking about organization and management - an invitation to re-image ourselves and what we do. GARETH MORGAN

Organizations do change, whether for better or for worse, and writers on organizations have examined the ways in which change comes about. Some have concentrated on the factors in the organization's context and environment which appear both to impel particular changes to occur and also to set constraints on them. Others have underlined that appropriate change which assists the organization to become more effective only comes about through considerable effort

on the part of the organization's managers. They have to understand the need for change and be consciously working to achieve it. In addition, modern organizations are in situations which require continuous development. They not only need to change; they have to acquire a capacity for learning.