chapter  8
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The Organization in Society

What is occurring ... is a drive for social dominance, for power and privilege, for the position of ruling class by the social group or class of the manager. JAMES BURNHAM

We do need to know how to cooperate with the Organization but, more than ever, so do we need to know how to resist it. WILLIAM H. WHYTE

An organization so often ends by smothering the very thing which it was created to embody. KENNETH E. BOULDING

The danger to liberty lies in the subordination of belief to the needs of the industrial system. JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH

Small is beautiful E. FRITZ SCHUMACHER

Organizations do not exist or operate in a vacuum. They are one sort of institution in a particular society. They have to conform to the needs and standards laid down by institutions other than themselves. The pressures of a market economy, political decisions and legal restrictions all affect organizational operations. Yet the large-scale organization is one of the dominant institutions of our time, and in its turn must exert a powerful influence on the rest of society. Many writers have taken up this theme and have tried to show how far the nature of modern organizations has changed society.