chapter  XI

Christian Slaves at Malta: 1271

ByAnthony Luttrell

The situation on Malta was doubtless unsettled following the Angevin occupation of 1268 and the continuing rivalries of Genoese and Pisans. The information contained seems reliable, though the formulae and phrases used at Malta in 1271 were; not unnaturally, unlike those found in a Pisan manumission of 1172 which are said to have come to constitute the standard Pisan form. The fact is the more surprising as the manumission of 1271 follows immediately, and on the same folio, a brief and common form of manumission dated at Pisa and freeing another Christian girl apparently from Sardinia, Maria de tali loco Judicatus arboree. In 1275 Raymundus, civis of Malta and sailor or marenarius, was captured by Genoese pirates while sailing from Africa on the barca of Bonsignori de Gaudisana of Malta. Daniele de Danielis is thus the earliest Latin notary recorded as acting on Malta.