chapter  XII

The Earliest Documents Transcribed in the Cathedral Archives, Mdina: 1316–1372

ByAnthony Luttrell

An asterisk indicates the modern reference to the Mdina transcript to which the index published originally referred. The earliest original document at Mdina is apparently that of 1404/5, the first in the collection entitled AragonensLa. Many fourteenth-century documents of which there are versions at Valletta are not found in transcript at Mdina; others which are at Mdina were not included in the index. A more private tradition of originals and copies might also be created through a family archive such as that of the Inguanez at Mdina. These works were, in their turn, extensively recopied so that many transcripts deriving from the Palermo registers can be found at Mdina in versions which first reached Malta through Biasini. The entry in the index is given verbatim in the original Italian, and is followed by a more correct summary of the document's contents derived from the most reliable text available.