chapter  XIV

The Administration of Gozo: 1335

ByAnthony Luttrell

Owing to the loss of the royal registers in Sicily, the materials available for the internal history of Malta from 1282 to about 1355 are extremely scanty, while documents concerning Gozo are even more rare. The document of 1335 mentions a number of officers conducting the administration of Gozo separately from that of Malta, and it provides evidence of Sicilian trade on Gozo as well as in Mata. Some time before 1330 the Kings of Sicily had exempted the men of Siracusa and Messina from payment of certain taxes, the iura dohan-arum, and of other dues owing to the royal secrezia throughout the royal demanium. On 28 April 1335 Pietro II, who acted as king during his father's lifetime, sent instructions both to the lustitiariis, vel capitaneis, ac Procuratoribus Inside Gaudisii, and also to the financial officials on Gozo, the dohaneriis, credenceriis, seu gabellotis dohane.