chapter  XX

An Introduction to Ħal Millieri*

ByAnthony Luttrell

Hal Millieri is situated in very gently rolling country at the centre of Malta's largest plain, a zone of globerigina limestone lving in the southeastern part of the island. Hal Millieri is first documented in 1419/20 when it was a casale with 14 men liable for militia service out of a population which perhaps amounted to 50 or 60. The church of St. John existed by 1481 when it had already been endowed by a member of one of the leading families of Hal Millieri, Giovanni Zammit. In 1554 the comestabulis of Hal Millieri, Gregorio Schembri, had gone to Sicily, while Andrea Zammit had moved to Senglea by 1598. The Hal Millieri district appears to contain no major archaeological feature, the Roman catacombs at Tal Mentna being a few metres outside the extreme north-west corner of the survey area.