chapter  3
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‘Where there’s blame, there lies a claim’

ByColin Everson

This chapter looks at the importance of case law, someone find examples of actual claims that have reached an employment tribunal, or have been settled out of court. Case law is a very significant aspect of law in the country, because court decisions frequently set precedents which ‘bind’ their successors. This is very important where a general point of law is concerned. Staff appraisal systems, linked to objectives and targets for the coming period, are used in many organizations. On the face of things, they are an excellent, professional means of managing objectively and giving employees the chance to give, and receive, feedback. Normally, every employee should read and sign his or her appraisal, indicating any issues rose with the appraiser. People are willing to pursue claims for compensation concerning every aspect of life, anywhere and everywhere they believe that ‘blame’ may attach to a third party.