chapter  4
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An application alleging Unfair Dismissal

ByColin Everson

Peter Lewes arrived at Speedwell on a dreary Monday morning, and said ‘Good Morning’ briefly to everyone as he checked over the site before dealing with the day’s post. George Kempton, an employee who had been dismissed previously, was claiming that he had been ‘unfairly dismissed’. Though Peter was not exactly surprised, he had begun to believe that the incident on a Saturday morning had receded into the past and that his former employee had perhaps accepted the justice of his fate. Peter and Jennifer Lewes bought the Speedwell organization from the previous owners, who had run it for about three years. The Leweses, who have other business interests, took on the existing staff at the time. Assess the background work that Peter had done concerning employment systems, particularly concerning communications with staff, changes to working arrangements in production, welfare arrangements, and issue of Contracts of Employment and Terms and Conditions of Employment.