chapter  5
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An application regarding Constructive Dismissal and Race Discrimination

ByColin Everson

Ranjit Singh had worked for six years in a large depot for Sedgefield, a national distribution company. He had become a Team Leader for a section that picked items from the storage racking, in accord with the day’s orders. Sedgefield Ltd recognized trade union acting for employees on all its sites. There was no closed shop agreement force, but Ranjit was a member of the union. All permanent employees were issued with a Contract of Employment and written Terms and Conditions of Employment. The site stated in policy documents and job advertisements that it was an 'equal opportunity employer'. Ranjit had made a complaint through Sedgefield's Grievance Procedure about on after being promoted. The grievance form he completed was short on detail. Ranjit's solicitor concluded by saying that Sedgefield's management had permitted blatant acts of racial abuse against a long-serving and loyal employee.