chapter  6
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An application regarding Unfair Dismissal and Sex Discrimination

ByColin Everson

Sandown had formerly been owned by a National Company, which had ‘hived it off’ previously, taking many of the existing staff – among them Christine Wexford – with it. At the time of her dismissal, Christine worked in a department that developed large-scale computer-based information systems. After Christine’s annual appraisal interview, Sandown heard that they had lost the major contract to provide services to the former parent company. Sandown received notice to appear before an employment tribunal. Christine had approached the Equal Opportunities Commission, who had agreed to take up her case – citing Unfair Dismissal, coupled with Sex Discrimination. The company, also represented by a solicitor, called no witnesses other than Kevin Ripon, but presented written evidence including Christine’s appraisal and disciplinary record in printed format. The Tribunal decided that Christine Wexford had been dismissed unfairly and that Sandown were guilty also of Sex Discrimination.