chapter  IV
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The Responses of the European Community and the European Parliament to the Yugoslav Crisis

WithDonatella M Viola

Cyrus Vance appeared to have supreme confidence in his powers of persuasion and did not feel the need for the involvement of the European Community (EC). An arms embargo was also imposed on Yugoslavia by the EC. The former led by the French government, advocated the incorporation of the Western European Union security mechanism into the European Community structure, whereas the latter, supported by the United Kingdom, preferred to retain North Atlantic Treaty Organization as the military and defence structure for Europe. As early as February 1990 and subsequently in October 1990, long before, the outbreak of war in the territory of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the European Parliament (EP) expressed concern at the discriminatory policy undertaken by the Serbian authorities against the Albanian population in Kosovo. The overview of the EP’s stance during the months preceding the recognition shows that there was a clear desire within the House to look for a peaceful solution to the Yugoslav crisis.