chapter  V
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The Role of the Political Groups in Forging the European Parliament’s Stance on the Yugoslav Crisis

WithDonatella M Viola

This chapter aims to identify the attitudes of the European Parliament (EP) political groups (PG) towards the Yugoslav crisis during its pre- and post-recognition stages. It attempts to evaluate the respective levels of transnationality of the individual groups as well as the voting similarities and cooperation between the PGs in relation to the crisis. As early as February 1991, the Socialists within the EP adressed their attention to the events unfolding in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, particularly in the Serbian province of Kosovo. In September 1991, the Socialists admitted that neither the Community nor the EP had succeeded in achieving a common standpoint on the measures to be taken in Yugoslavia. According to Avgerinos, “the EP not condemn to starvation a people paying the price of historical contrasts and the irresponsibility of leaders in blood” by sanctions which did not affect the leaders but rather the population.