chapter  8
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Marriage and migration (1945–50)
ByAntonia Bifulco

This chapter addresses the positive aspects of Erik Erikson's adult life stage of 'Intimacy'. The associated virtue is 'love'. Jurek finds a safe haven in England, having joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in England after the fall of Warsaw, leaving SOE which then disabanded. He remained in the RAF until two years after the war, having met and fell in love with Christine. He regains contact with his mother; Maria in Warsaw, each learning the other is safe. It is a period of consolidation and rejuvenation after the trauma and loss of the earlier phase. In terms of the Polish nation, it also represents a period of consolidation and rebuilding, the country finds itself in a bleak period of isolation. There is no international recognition of the Polish contribution in defeating fascism. Poland finds itself in submission to the Soviet regime, losing freedom of expression, freedom of travel and trust in authority or government institutions.