chapter  9
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Family reunion and loss (1951–71)
ByAntonia Bifulco

The penultimate Erik Erikson stage of development is 'generativity', involving creating, establishing and guiding the next generation. The key role is of parenthood, but also of socially valued work to benefit society. The associated virtue is 'care'. This chapter describes how Jurek and Christine settle down to married life, have children and how Maria comes to England to be reunited with her son and his family. It includes Maria's journey to England and settling with the family in Derby, and her death in 1962; the first family trip back to Poland in 1965; the Polish community in Derby and the visit of Lee Radziwil in 1966; and the Rolls-Royce crisis in 1971 which led to major changes for the family. The themes developed include the importance of community and roles within the family. The chapter describes a secure base for the family and a safe haven in the UK, with resilience attached to positive relationships, reunion and community resources.