chapter  6
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Resistance in France (1939–43)
ByAntonia Bifulco

This chapter considers the theme of identity as one of the developmental stages identified by Erik Erikson. 'Identity' is used to consider issues of subterfuge and clandestine work, as Jurek leaves Poland to go to France to join the Allies and continue the fight against Nazism. This involves the conscious hiding of identity as a displaced Pole, without any authorised documents, travelling around France as a French Canadian and being active in the French Resistance. Jurek took on an assumed name, different national identity and even changed his birth year. The documentary evidence is mainly in the form of official papers: for example, Jurek's identity card from the French Army and papers for the Narwik engagement, his French demobilisation papers, his enrolment and identity card at the University of Grenoble and various papers associated with his imprisonment and release from forced labour in France and Spain.