chapter  7
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England fights, Warsaw rises (1943–45)
ByAntonia Bifulco

This chapter focuses on isolation to describe Jurek's solitary time in England, continuing the war effort alone, leaving his family behind on the wartorn continent. The city of Warsaw is also isolated as it rises up alone against the Germans, ultimately unaided by its allies. This latter isolation involved abandonment and betrayal. The people of Warsaw, including Maria, all lost their homes. Jurek became stranded abroad without a home. Through all of these trials there is, however, fidelity to the cause by Jurek, his mother and the Warsaw population. In terms of family documentation, there are some shipping records, documents from Jurek's engagement in the British forces and letters from Maria after the war explaining some of her experience and a reminiscence from Jurek's cousin Marysia on returning to Warsaw. But there is little personal family information from the Warsaw Uprising itself. The chapter also focuses on these events specifically on the area where Maria was living in Zoliborz.