chapter  1
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Teaching for Critical Environmental Literacies
ByCarlos Alberto Torres

This chapter argues that ecopedagogies are essential to end socio-environmental injustices, because their teaching is constructed from the goal to better understand the injustices to determine actions to end them. It expresses how ecopedagogies are essential in constructing literacies to read environmental issues through problem-posing education of the environment, such as the dis/connections within and between development, sustainability, and environmental well-being. The chapter explains how some scholars use the Gaia concept, but it is important to note that these are powerful examples of needing to utilize multiple Knowledges and Sciences for ecopedagogical literacy. It presents theories to better understand the limitless complexities of the benefits and oppressions of acts upon the environment in ecopedagogical teaching and research. Ecopedagogies are essential to challenge single-defined sustainable development models to reinvent Education for Sustainable Development to reinstate its original philosophical goal of countering Environmental Education models that have tended "to deal with social issues and environmental issues separately".