chapter  2
40 Pages

Connections Between Environmental and Citizenship Pedagogies

ByCarlos Alberto Torres

This chapter describes some of many defining factors and framings of citizenship and the spheres of citizenship, and examines some of the key aspects of theorizing of citizenship. It focuses on the theoretical and pragmatic essence of ecopedagogical teaching within and between multiple citizenships. The chapter argues that environmental teaching through analysis helps to construct widened solidarities to deepen and widen socio-environmental understanding for actions for fellow citizens, with different constructs of who are fellow citizens. It also focuses on teaching citizenship that connects with nature through connection of socio-environmental oppressions. The chapter discusses the dis/connections between different citizenship and environmental pedagogies, which help to diminish, sustain, or intensify socio-environmental oppressions. The central concern of ecopedagogical teaching with critical global citizenship education (GCE) or any critical citizenships pedagogy, is teaching for socio-environmental peace. In transitioning to the topic of critical GCE models, it is important to note that the models emerged from various transformative citizenship pedagogical framings for socio-environmental justice.