chapter  3
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Theoretical Lenses to View Socio-Environmental Issues

ByCarlos Alberto Torres

This chapter argues that a framework or web of theories constructed democratically is necessary for critically teaching and researching socio-environmental violence. It also argues that critical Comparative and International Education (CIE) is necessary to construct effective ecopedagogies together with critical global citizenship education and that critical comparative tools are needed within both class dialogue and research on deconstructing education of the environment. The chapter describes some of the key tenets of critical CIE to explain the analysis necessary for constructing successful ecopedagogical learning spaces and/or research, as well as the connections with citizenship education throughout various spheres. It focuses on the borderless nature of environmental effects which necessitate local and global perspectives, and the transdisciplinary, multi-level teaching and analysis increasingly needed which are inherent in CIE and ecopedagogical social-environmental analysis. The chapter explores how both fields are needed to construct global citizenship education and reinventing environmental pedagogies. It also focuses on theoretical perspectives on planetary citizenship teaching and research.