chapter  3
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Immediate Tasks of the Communist Parties in Capitalist Countries

The need for the communist elements in the colonies to combine forces with the revolutionary elements of the bourgeoisie, and with the peasantry, in a concerted attack upon imperialism and the bourgeois compromisers in their midst, in order to march forward to a genuine revolutionary struggle for emancipation from the yoke of imperialism. A considerable number of colonial lands are on the eve of their 1905, so to speak. It is, therefore, essential to gather the more advanced workers of such lands into a united communist party capable of taking the lead in the oncoming revolution. In 1922, writing about the ripening revolutionary movement in Colonial lands, Lenin said: The actual "victors" in the recent imperialist war have not the strength to vanquish a small and weak country like Ireland, they have not even the strength to set their own financial and monetary house in order.