chapter  4
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Future of Socialism in the Soviet Union

The capitalist path leads by way of the impoverishment of the majority of the peasantry to the enrichment of the upper strata of the urban and rural bourgeoisies. The socialist path leads to a systematic betterment in the standard of life among the majority of the peasantry. The peasantry, just like the proletariat, is particularly interested in striving that the development of husbandry shall proceed along the socialistic path. In our own Soviet country, people are faced by two conflicts. At home, there is the antagonism between proletariat and peasantry; and, in relation to the foreign world, there is the antagonism between ourselves as a socialist State and all the lands where capitalism is still dominant. Lenin said much the same thing in his speech upon the electrification of Russia, when he addressed the Eighth Congress of Soviets at its meeting in 1920: Communism is the Soviet power plus the electrification of the country.