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Comrade Semich has quoted Lenin. Semich would imply that Lenin looked upon the nationalist question as a constitutional one, that is not as a question of revolution but as a question of reform. Comrade Semich then referred to author's own pamphlet on the nationalist question, written in 1912. He tried to find a justification for his point of view by quoting from that work. Comrade Semich is loath to consider the nationalist question as, essentially, a question of the peasantry. Starting from the fact that at the present moment there is no serious movement for independence among the Croats and the Slovenes, Comrade Semich reaches the conclusion that the question of the right of nations to constitute themselves into independent States is of academic interest only, having no roots in actual life. When, in 1912, Russian Marxists were drafting our first program concerning the nationalist question, there was no serious movement for national independence in any region of tsarist empire.