chapter  IV
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Concluding Words at the Congress

The author points out that Comrade Lashevich, who here in the congress inveighed against intrigues, was himself one of the intriguers, and played a not inconsiderable part in the Cave of Adullam at Kislovodsk. He argues that Comrade Sokolnikoff displays himself as a supporter of the Dawesation of our country. Comrade Kameneff is in a state of mental confusion; that the New Economic Policy permits of a free market, of capitalism, and of wage labour; and that the resolutions passed at the Fourteenth Conference are an expression of the New Economic Policy which was introduced under Lenin. Lenin contended that State capitalism was compatible with the system of the dictatorship of the proletariat. One who fails to understand this transitional character of Nep, is deviating from Leninism. If Nep were capitalism, then the Russia of the New Economic Policy, the Russia of which Lenin spoke, would be a capitalist Russia.