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The Impossible Often Is Possible: How to Increase the Ideality of the System

ByRantanen Kalevi, Conley David W., Domb Ellen R.

This chapter describes the ideality of the system in detail and also discusses the Ideal Final Result as an independent tool. It also briefly examines different ways to describe ideal systems. The chapter shows how to go from the definition of contradictions and resources to the Ideal Final Result. Ideality is measured by comparing systems. Another way to increase the ideality of a system is to decrease the size, energy consumption, weight, the number of parts and operations, and other cost-generating factors. The information or resources may, however, not be enough to find an idea for the solution. Additional steps are needed to move from the resource analysis to the Ideal Final Result. Increasing ideality is one important feature of good solutions. The features of the Ideal Final Result form the basis of the method for evaluating solutions.