chapter  17
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Elvior is a full-spectrum software development service provider; one of their specialties is Testing and Test Control Notation (TTCN)-3 testing services. This chapter discusses Elvior's model-based testing services. TTCN-3 is the third version of the testing and test control notation. It is an international standard; versions of TTCN have been in use since 1992. The TestCast model-based testing (MBT) product can run on Windows, Macs, or Linux platforms, and uses the Eclipse environment. There are no limitations on the programming languages used in the system under test. To use the TestCast MBT tool, the user first models the system under test (SUT) using Unified Modeling Language (UML) Statecharts, TTCN-3 data definitions, and test configuration information. The term "test objective" is used in TestCast MBT to define test coverage. Test objectives refer to structural test coverage on the model. Elvior provides TestCast evaluation licenses and licenses for academic use free of charge.