chapter  6
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Stereotypes and Ideology

ByPerry R. Hinton

F. H. Allport claimed that stereotype users tended to be conservative and non-users as liberal. Subsequently, this has been disputed in the argument that both conservatives and liberals use stereotypes, just different ones. Stereotypes as indicators of prejudice and societal discrimination have been of particular concern to American liberals. From a nurturant parent perspective, the interpretation of the cultural association as a group-based moral weakness is an offensive stereotype, as it is contradicts a fundamental belief in fairness and equality. Integrating ideas from anthropology and cultural psychology showing moral pluralism across cultures, the theory proposes that all humans have a set of moral foundations, which are then modified through culture. In his book, Orientalism, Edward Said analysed the way in which ‘the Orient’ and the ‘Oriental’ had been represented in Western culture and literature, arguing that ‘the Orient’ is not a place but a Western ideological construction.