chapter  2
56 Pages

Beyond State-of-the-Art in Co-Creation

ByJedrzej Czarnota

Services are simultaneously product and process, and changes in them inherently involve innovation throughout the value chain. It appears that the organizational aspects of service innovation (what happens 'back stage') is of paramount importance when thinking of service innovations. The chapter observes organizational culture as consisting of the following elements: strategic orientation (in the context of co-creation and using the customers as a resource in new service development (NSD) and innovation), attitudes of employees, as well as organizational history. What makes the videogames industry particularly interesting as a setting to study co-creation is its current state of flux (disequilibrium) that arises from various forms of networked creativity. Networked co-creation highlights the role of customer relationship and flexible project management, and Case Gamma (Cloud Imperium Games) offers particularly interesting insights into it.