chapter  4
46 Pages

Managerial Insights for Creative Services

ByJedrzej Czarnota

In order to map the impact that co-creation has on new service development (NSD) and innovation in creative industries firms, people take into account three characteristics of co-creation. These are competences for co-creation, organizational culture and funding arrangements. This chapter discusses the first of the co-creation characteristics, which is 'co-creation competences'. Building on the work of and Piller and Ihl, and and Lettl, four competences of a firm for co-creation have been identified: integration competence, disclosure competence, appropriation competence, as well as user involvement competence. The chapter also traces the competences for co-creation that a particular company displays, together with its institutional arrangements, and compares them to the significance of changes in eight sites within a firm. All competences for co-creation, by their definition, have a positive influence on a firm's co-creation propensity. The sum of their strengths is the main factor in determining a firm's propensity for co-creation.