chapter  1
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A Priest and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar

Now What?

This chapter provides a quick scan of the world of multifaith engagement and a snapshot of the different approaches that are used by various organizations to create multifaith encounters around the word. The five approaches discussed intend to bring people of diverse religious and spiritual identities together. The community building approach has the most concrete and specific foundation to multifaith engagement. The service approach focuses on areas of shared value and connection, and service to the community as the foundation for relationships that can transcend religious boundaries. There are organizations such as Seeds of Peace and PeacePlayers International that operate specifically with people who live in conflict zones and use peacebuilding strategies to directly reduce conflict. The ethical spectacle approach is hugely important for influencing media narratives about religious communities. The religious literacy approach supports the articulation of a long-term vision of action and engagement that can solve our most challenging global issues.