chapter  3
62 Pages

Numerical Simulation of Nanoparticle Formation

WithAlexander V. Vakhrushev

The examples of the numerical simulation of nanoparticle formation are described. In first part of chapter, the examples of the calculation of nanoparticle formation with the method of condensation from the gaseous phase are given. The regularities of composite nanoparticle formation are considered, their structure and shape formation processes are analyzed, and the probabilistic regularities of nanoparticle parameter distribution are discussed. The influence of various parameters on the processes of nanoparticle formation in gaseous phase is demonstrated. The second part of chapter is dedicated to the investigation of nanoparticle formation kinetics in “up down” processes of powder dispersion under different types of their dynamic loading: fast high-pressure release, particle impact against an obstacle, and particle destruction in the impact wave.