chapter  4
109 Pages

Numerical Simulation of Nanosystem Formation

WithAlexander V. Vakhrushev

The problems of numerical simulation of nanosystem formation are considered. First, the interactions of nanoelements are described. Different types of nanoelement interaction are described: adhesion, fusion, and absorption. Stable and unstable forms of nanoparticle system equilibrium are investigated. The changes in the strength of powder nanomaterials depending upon the nanoparticle diameter are evaluated. The task for forming nanocomposites with different pressing schemes is presented. The complete pressing cycle is considered: loading and unloading of powder material. The evolution of technological stresses in the material being pressed and changes in the material parameters are discussed in detail. Simulation of electrodeposition of metal matrix nanocomposite coatings is presented. Simulation of formation of superficial nano-hetero structures: nanowhiskers and quantum dots are described in detail.