chapter  7
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Agriculture Waste Composites

WithMagdi El Messiry

The earliest composite materials were straw reinforced bricks, which was similar to modern steel reinforced concrete There are currently massive unused quantities of agricultural (straw) residues around the globe. The agriculture waste is one of the problems of the modern intensive agriculture which needs innovative methods for its useful industrial applications. China, India and the USA appear to be at the present the major producing countries of straw residues (mainly wheat and rice straw). The SWOT assessment of various aspects of rice straw and wheat straw, when used as wood plastic composites (WPC), discloses the far-reaching prospective of using straw of different agriculture residuals. Agro-waste composites can be used in some products in raw form or after milling and mixed with the suitable polymer, polyethylene (PP), polypropylene (PE) and polyvinylchloride (PVC), adding other additives to manufacture pallets, packing plates, windows and door frames, decoration panels, etc.