chapter  II
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The Erzerum Offensive (February 1916)

After the war on the Asiatic front began unsuccessfully for Russia with the big Turkish advance at Sary-Kamish, even after the defeat and capture of Ishkhan Pasha, the threat of Turkish invasion of the Caucasus was still imminent. But towards the Spring of 1915 the Caucasus army was strengthened by bringing the 2nd Caucasus Army Corps from the European front. Russian plan, worked out by General Eudenitch, the Grand Duke Nicolas's commander in the field, was to attack the Turkish positions in three columns. By February 10th, however, the Russian Turkestans had succeeded in repulsing him and were secure in the Tortum valley, and it was safe for General Eudenitch to begin his advance on Erzerum. The Armenian and Khurdish races will in future years be guided and influenced largely by their great Northern neighbour, and that the road to the East across Persia and Armenia will not fall to the exclusive political influence of the Central Powers of Europe.