chapter  III
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With the Russian Expedition in North-West Persia and Khurdistan

After the evacuation of Galicia by the Russian armies in June 1915, the author decided to leave the European and go to the Asiatic fronts. On the afternoon of July 29th, he reached Tabriz, and went to the British Consulate. His object was to learn how the educated Persians of this important border province felt about the war, and what their attitude was towards the contending Powers in Europe. The most effectual and lasting agent of progress was seen at Tabriz in the schools. On the evening of August 22nd, he reached the plain of Salmas, which runs out in a long oblong form from the north-west corner of Lake Urumiah. As he proceeded southward towards the Urumiah plain, he became aware of the disturbances caused by the war. The author found that the American Mission schools in Asia are far better ambassadors of European culture than the whole of the diplomacy and military force of the Powers.