chapter  V
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My Visit to Erzerum after its Capture by the Russians

On February 12th, when news came of the fall of fort Karagyubek to the North-east of Erzerum, the author took the train which passes Kars every afternoon for the terminus at Sary-Kamish. The author and his three friends got in with the nachalnik of the transport, who told them that a train of wagons was leaving next day in order to reach Erzerum if it should have been taken. Between Zanzack and Azap Keui the country was scarred with lines of trenches and barbed wire entanglements, where they saw many signs of the Turkish retreat. At Erzerum, the General gave them an escort of Cossacks and sent a Captain of his Staff to accompany them to the forts on the Deve-Boyun. There, they stories of the advance across the Palan-teken pass by the little Russian column to which they had been attached from the Russain guards.