chapter  VI
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My Summer Journey on the Kars Plateau and in the Upper Chorokh Basin (1916)

This chapter talks about the author's journey on the Kars plateau and in the Upper Chorokh Basin. The author and his friend were able to initiate a nucleus of a small fund for the relief of Moslems on the Asiatic front. From both the Tartar and Armenian committees, he was able to get a fairly clear idea of what had happened to the luckless inhabitants of northern Armenia, when the calamity of war broke upon them. On the road between Kars and Sary-Kamish, they arranged to open a store, from which flour and sugar could be given out to the destitute Moslems. The chapter presents the author's experiences in the Tortum valley, a tributary valley of the Upper Chorokh, and to Kars. In the Hanach valley, they visited also many villages of the pure Osmanli Turks. The author's long journey over the North Armenian plateau came to an end on August 13th, when he reached Tiflis.