chapter  VII
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Work among the Refugees in Lazistan

During the latter half of 1915 and the first six months of 1916, the author had covered the greater part of the regions affected by the war on the Asiatic front, from the centre of Western Persia to the plateau of North Armenia. Hearing in October of the terrible condition of the population of Lazistan, he decided to organize a method for sending up food and clothing into those remote valleys on the Black Sea coast before the winter set in. When the country was occupied by the Russians in the late Winter of 1916, there was an indescribable state of confusion. In Artvin, he found the 4,000 pounds of maize that had been sent on from Batum, together with the 300 packages of warm clothing. In the village of Melo, the author distributed clothing to the children. He remained Artvin for some time, to arrange further consignments for the starving people, and then returned to Batum.