chapter  5
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Product safety requirements of children’s apparel

Brand buyers are committed to provide quality products. The need for safety is crucial and is strongly recognized across all markets, especially for a child’s clothing. The right guideline shall assist the suppliers with safety through the product development process. It will help to establish the required safety standards and produce apparel that will limit potential hazards. The information, legal legislation and regulations are intended to assist manufacturer ’s legal obligations and produce a product that meets and, in some cases, exceeds all the legal and industry requirements across all markets worldwide. Strict adherence to these standards is not optional. If a supplied product does not meet all the required safety standards, laws, rules or

under the agreement and applicable laws. Components used on children’s apparel, such as zippers, drawstrings, fasteners and decorative attachments must not present any hazards to children during normal use, or as a result of any foreseeable damage or abuse.