chapter  5
Non-farm activities and structural adjustment: An enterprise perspective
WithKate Meagher
Pages 31

The development of the non-farm sector in Nasarawan Doya has been characterized by a comparatively high degree of mobility and adaptation to social, political and economic change. This chapter explores the effect of structural adjustment on the operation of a sample of 50 local non-farm enterprises. All expenditure patterns which indicated any component for reinvestment in non-farm or agricultural activities were heavily biased toward the upper stratum of enterprises. The inflationary pressures of structural adjustment have had a profoundly negative effect on the access of non-farm actors to inputs and equipment. The major supply-side factors investigated were sources of capital and credit, and access to inputs and equipment. An examination of sources of start-up capital showed agriculture to be the most important single source, accounting for start-up capital in 36% of enterprises overall, representing 56%of upper-stratum enterprises, but only 16% of lower-stratum enterprises.