chapter  10
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We Point the Way and Take You Halfway There

ByMartha C. Pennington, Robert P. Waxler

Reading great literature is a creative journey that incorporates a challenge: it is a quest to know that opens up endless questions about the complexity, the mystery, and the twists and turns of human life – that invites readers to contemplate the depth and value of human existence. This chapter gives examples of the way literature might be read and discussed to help people reflect on their own and others' lives, with the potential for psychological and social change. Discussing stories within a group creates a psychological and intertextual space between each story and each individual reader, as well as across and among the whole group of readers and stories. Discussion comparing and contrasting the book versions and movie versions of stories like East of Eden can underscore the differences between books and films, and in general between print and screen versions of stories. Stories can be especially impactful when they incorporate resonances of older and well-known stories.