chapter  2
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A Sketch of our World, Current and Future

ByMartha C. Pennington, Robert P. Waxler

The present era combining rapid technological change with global connectivity and the harnessing of data is sometimes referred to as the Anthropocene era in order to emphasize the impact that humans are having on the planet. Besides incorporating the Digital Age, the Anthropocene is a time of widespread and rapid extinctions in the world which humans have both inherited and created. Digital connectivity is an enabler of mass-scale, "Big-C" or "turbo-" capitalism in which the Internet offers a highly effective and cost-effective delivery system for reaching the most consumers in the shortest time. The widespread and rapid extinctions in the physical world owe much to the impact of technology and, in recent times, to the combined effects of technology and globalization. Literary writing has an effect on the reader that goes beyond that of reading for comprehension and also beyond an appreciation we might have for nonliterary writing such as informative or argumentational prose.