chapter  6
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Education and Literacy in Digital Culture

ByMartha C. Pennington, Robert P. Waxler

Internet changes literacy, as reading becomes far less likely to be done either intensively or extensively. With online publication, popular fiction genres such as romance, detective stories, and science fiction are doing well, with many new authors gaining a fan base online. Although the interplay between good books and good movies is of long standing, it seems that the influence is increasingly from screen media representations of stories back into their representations in print media. Literary reading is a powerful tool for education and human development that can impact people at a deep level, creating new understandings and opening them up to change. From the early days of computer-based writing using word processing, it has been understood that reading on the screen is not as efficient or effective as reading from a printed page. Yet the reading of books in general and of literary works in particular is on the decline, being steadily replaced by activities that employ other media.