chapter  2
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The architecture of educational modality

Qualities of space

This chapter discusses three qualities of school space namely activated space, dialogical-polyphonic space and playful space that describes the intersection of pedagogy and architecture, the intersection of material man-made space with the contemporary condition of a stimulative, participatory, experiential learning. Activated space is implicated in the social course of human history. The chapter presents the importance and role of playful space in the processes of a child's learning and socialisation. In contemporary theories of architecture the concept of play has been linked with the concept of drifting in space, which is the path of desymbolisation and freedom. Dialogical space and playful space place the emphasis on open-ended, unbounded, coming-into-being space, on the fluidity – material and conceptual/symbolic – of space, while activated space declares the intentional involvement of space in the child's activities within a collaborative school life situation.