chapter  7
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How-To and Hands-On books

"'Hands-on' and 'problem-based' are words that have more important meanings to children. M. C. Flannery, a science educator with expertise in the area of the relationship between biology and art, discusses how vital and varied hands-on experiences are by turning to the topic of the hand itself. Classroom teachers in every discipline may find many ways to provide students with hands-on experiences. Using hands-on exploration will no doubt help students with various learning styles. C. Kurkjian et al. contend that "Hands-on participation books can add, extend, and develop the theme of the book and enhance dramatic response in dramatic ways". P. M. Friedrichson describes a hands-on biology education course focusing on both teaching methods and biology content, which is based on the National Science Education Standards. Some hands-on and how-to books will need no other instruction, but others may be structured in a way that would be more accessible if reading guides accompanied them.