chapter  11
Room for More
ByErik C. Paul
Pages 18

Australia's population has been increasing by one to two percent annually in the past 10 years, or about 225,000 people a year. Many influential Australians believe that a much larger population is the key to a bright future. They believe that unless Australia populates quickly it is likely to be subsumed by more powerful countries. According to Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population (AESP), the world is overpopulated and signs of social disintegration are clearly visible with outbreaks of violence in many regions. Australia's political regime can be best described as a corporatist state in the sense used by John Saul in his The Unconscious Civilization. While there is room for more people it needs to be distributed to parts of Australia which are now underpopulated and isolated from Australia's core. The focus for a population growth policy should be northern Australia.