chapter  3
ByErik C. Paul
Pages 12

Globalization has increased income disparity among Australians. Increasing inequalities in the distribution of wealth, and access to education, housing and employment opportunities, are dividing the country. Australia and England have the most unequal distribution of income and wealth in the industrialised world. People in their 50s account for a substantial increase in the number of Australians on disability pensions (DSP). Many have lost their jobs because of restructuring and downsizing in their industry and find it difficult if not impossible to find other employment. Many of the newly created jobs are in the service industry such as hospitality, health services, and telephone service centers. According to the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research State of the Regions, many regions are experiencing increasing levels of poverty because of international competition. Many poor people are moving out of Sydney because of the high cost of housing, or being pushed out because of the closure of pensions and other low-cost rent-controlled accommodations.