chapter  4
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Creating a Culture of Return Creates a Culture to Stay For

The evolution of the purpose-driven life in American culture has dramatically altered what people look for in their work and careers. A culture of vision and values is one with an easily identified purpose and a commonly held understanding of behaviors and standards everyone can hold up. A culture of leadership builds capacity throughout the organization and develops individuals' abilities to maneuver, contribute meaningfully, and solve problems before they escalate. Vision and mission statements are two critical organizing principles for any company, of any size, in any industry, and at any stage. The values of an organization—the guiding principles that define individual and group behavior and standards—are equally important to the company's vision and mission in the eyes of today's workforce. The most important role of a leader is to develop leadership throughout the organization—for high performers and not-so-high performers, for individual contributors who will never manage other people, and for managers of people and projects alike.