chapter  6
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Being a Good Place to Be From

For the most sought-after companies, adopting an aggressive "move along" model yields a forward-leaning, high-performing staff. It also yields an impressive alumni base that is highly desired by other companies hungry for people who have contributed meaningfully to those high-flying companies. Netflix, the world's largest Internet television network company, is one of the most sought-after places to work, according to LinkedIn's Top Attractors list, where it ranks eleventh among all US companies. Netflix is known not only as a sought-after employer but also for being a firing culture suited only to the best of the best performers. Professions with continuing education unit (CEU) requirements designed to keep niche-skilled professionals up to date on advances in their fields have a significant advantage, career wise, over most white-collar and knowledge workers. There is no standard "relevance" training for management, no technical standards or industry knowledge requirement everyone needs to meet to stay qualified.