chapter  6
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Succeeding as a Performer

You may have dreamed of performing on television since you were young. You may have practiced, made personal and financial sacrifices in order to learn the necessary skills, and consistently worked hard to achieve that goal. However, there are some key areas that all performers must master before they can truly succeed. Even if you seek the limelight with so much intensity you cannot conceive of yourself becoming nervous, you might just find the opposite when faced with a highly pressured situation or a tight deadline. Stress is a fact of life for most performers; awareness of it and having a plan to combat it will undoubtedly contribute to your success and extend your career. Good mental and physical 114health is essential to the life of a performer. The objective is to gain experience and exercise complete control over your mind and body. To accomplish this you must have discipline, which includes a positive attitude concerning your self-worth, ambition to be a competitor, mental concentration, control over nervousness and stress, a reputation for dependability, physical discipline, and longevity.