chapter  8
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Interest and Value

Interest has been conceptualized as being two distinct but related concepts: personal interest and situational interest. Interest and value play important roles in influencing student participation and effort in physical education. Intrinsic value is similar to intrinsic motivation, whereas utility value is similar to introjected motivation, a form of extrinsic motivation. Researchers have only begun to examine interest and value in order to discover how best to enhance student interest in and value for physical education. Researchers have found that several student characteristics are related to their personal interest, situational interest, and/or subjective task value: skill level, stage of learning, age, gender, race, self-perceptions, and goal orientations. Several researchers have investigated the sources of students' subjective task values in physical activity domains: positive and negative affective experiences, perceptions of significant others' beliefs and behaviors, and perceived gender roles and activity stereotypes.